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How to Integrate Share-A-Sale Affiliate Tracking Code

To Integrate Share-A-Sale click Sell (1) then choose the Affiliates & Tracking (2) area.

Premium Plus account holders will need to choose the store they want to manage and click the Pencil (Edit) Icon.

Paste the tracking code that has been provided by Share-A-Sale into the Text Box (3) and click Save Changes (4).


Share-A-Sale Specific Information

You'll need a Merchant Account with Share-A-Sale.

To get your specific tracking code, you can go to:

This tracking code will be located at the bottom of that page and will look similar to:

<img src="" width="1" height="1">

Instead of just a copy & paste of a link, the system has been enabled to populate the fields that are relevant to the information they want transmitted. The following template tags can be used:

  • %order_subtotal%
  • %order_shipping%
  • %order_taxes%
  • %order_discounts%
  • %order_total%
  • %order_number%

Your final ShareASale code will look something like this:

<img src="" width="1" height="1">

The "XXXXX" should be replaced with your ShareASale merchant ID.

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