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How to Manage Your Account Profile

To manage your Account Profile click on Account Profile (1) tab. This page contains three areas as outlined below.

Area #1 - Contact Information (2)

The information used in this area is how we identify you and your orders. You can also update your Password (3) in this area.

Area #2 - Account Snapshot (4)

Service Start Date - This is the date your account was created.

Service Package - This shows the current service package. To upgrade your package to a seller account just click Update Package.

Area #3 - Third Party Accounts (5)

Dropbox Folder - If you have chosen to send content to your Dropbox account this feature will enable you to disconnect your Dropbox from Content Shelf. Upon your next attempt to send content to your Dropbox the system will require a new sync. Remember to read, understand, and abide by the license agreement that accompanies your digital product purchase.

After adjusting any of the fields on this page you'll need to click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.


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