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Content Shelf Support Portal
Content Shelf Support Portal

Top Support Questions

How do I reset my password?
Click the "Forgot Password" link on the User Login Page. Provide the email address for the account and you'll receive an email with instructions.

What is the password to my PDF file?
If you are asked for a password for your PDF use the email address that was used at purchase. Note that the email addresses are "case sensitive".

Do you offer Recurring Billing?
Yes recurring billing is offered for Digital and Tangible Subscription Services but only when using the following payment processors:, with CIM, and TrustCommerce with Citadel.

How do I cancel my account?
Before canceling services if there is anything we can do to keep your business please let us know. If you must cancel all that is required is to login and create a support ticket with your request.

What type of reports are available?
Content Shelf offers several reports, including Sales Report, Customer Profile Report, Subscriber Report, and Access Activity Reports. Each report has multiple search criteria and results are both visual and available as an Excel spreadsheet that can be downloaded. We have several support articles that provide specific details on all of our reports. Just use the keyword "reports".

How do Preorders work?
Preorder status is set when creating an inventory item. When the item is ready for delivery, the status is then changed to active and buyers can be notified by email through Content Shelf (email update credits required) or manually. After the the status change, buyers can access content, if the product being sold is digital. If the product is tangible, the seller can ship out the product.

How do I do a test transaction?
At this time there is no uniform testing procedure for all payment processors. Because of this, we recommend consulting your payment processor guidelines. PayPal users will be required to do a live test using an email that is not associated with the payment processing account.

Why is there a store address requirement?
We require all sellers to provide at minimum a Post Office Box address. This provides confidence to buyers that you are a real business and should any issues arise with the products you are selling, they have at minimum the ability to communicate with you in writing to a mailing address.

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