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Support Articles » Content Share Part 1 - How To Share Content

What Is Content Share?

Content Share is a feature that enables you to share your content with an individual or group. Content Share bypasses the payment process and allows content recipients to access content through their own content shelf.

The basics are as follows: Create a container then add recipients and content then click Share Content. Upon submission your recipients will be sent an email notification with directions on accessing the content you have shared. At any time you can add or delete content as desired.

At this time Content Share is a one way share only (recipients cannot share content back).

Adding A Container

Sharing content is fast and simple. To get started, click Share (1) and click Add Container (2).


Setting Up Recipients & Content

When the page loads you'll see two steps. Here are the details...

Step 1 - Details & Users

This area enables you to create the details of the container and whom it will be shared with.

  • Container Name - Assigning a container name will keep things organized by container.
  • Valid Through - This date will allow the container to expire should you desire.
  • Email Recipients - Choosing this will send an Email Notification with the Email Message and directions for access.
  • Email Message - Add your specific message here. To preview the actual email that will be sent click the Preview Email link.
  • Recipients - List the email addresses of the recipients you want to share this content with.

Step 2 - Attached Files

If you have not uploaded digital content files to the system click here to learn how.

Click Show File Manager (3) and choose the files that you want to share. You can choose to associate as many digital content files as you want. Just choose the Plus Icon (4) to each digital content file you desire and the digital content file will be added to the list Selected Files (5) area.

Upon completion of Step 2 click the Share Container (6) button. Content Shelf will send emails to the listed recipients.


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