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Support Articles » Creating a Subscription

How to Create a Subscription

To create a Subscription click on Sell (1) then click on the Add Subscription Tab (2) tab.

You'll then need to populate the following fields.

Package Name - The Package Name is essentially the Product or Subscription Name.

Listing Status - The Listing Status determines if your product is seen by store visitors or if it is hidden from store visitors.

Renewal Lockout - Renewal Lockouts allows a subscription to silently expire without any subscribers renewing.

Subscription Type - Subscriptions can be Digital or Tangible Services such as magazines or support.

Offer Free Trial - Free Trials are applied to all of the subscription options. The number of days the trial is good for is required.

Free Trial Length - This is the number of days the subscriber free trial is good for.

Store - Choose the store that the subscription being created will apply to.

Billing Options - Billing options define the Billing Cycle (see below), Renewal Type, and Price. Billing Options are unlimited.

Image Representation - The image you choose to represent the subscription will be seen in some store modes and within the buyers dashboard.

Short Description - The Short Description will be seen in some store modes and within the buyers dashboard.

Long Description - The Long Description will only be seen in some store modes when reviewing subscription package details.

Upon completion of these fields click the Add Subscription (3) button.

Billing Cycles can be Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annually, or Forever.

Renewal Types can be Manual or Automated Recurring. For automated you'll need one of the following payment processing vendors - with CIM,, or TrustCommerce with Citadel.


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