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Support Articles » Creating Bundles

How to Create Bundles

To create a Bundle click on Coupons (1) then click on Manage Bundles (2) then click on Add Product Bundle (3).


Upon the page refresh you'll find the following fields. Here's what they mean:

  • Apply To Store - If you have multiple stores you'll need to choose the store to apply the bundle to.
  • Trigger Product - This product that will trigger the bundle.
  • Products Available - This is the product that will be included with the bundle when the trigger product is chosen. Multiple products can be chosen.
  • Products Included - This will outline all products included in the bundle.

Upon completion of these fields click the Add Bundle (4) button.


When the trigger product is added to the customer's cart, all of the included products in the bundle will automatically get added to the cart with a price of $0.00 (free).

Only inventory items can be bundled together. Subscription products cannot be part of a product bundle.

While the product available can be the same as the trigger product we do not suggest configuring bundles in this manner.

Bundles are automatically shown at checkout but we suggest advertising your bundle to increase sales.

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