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Support Articles » Creating Promotions

How to Create Promotions

To create a Promotion click on Coupons (1) then click on Manage Promotions (2) then click on Add Promotion (3).


Upon the page refresh you'll find the following fields. Here's what they mean:

  • Affected Store - If you have multiple stores you'll need to choose the store to apply the coupon to.
  • Trigger Product - This product that will trigger the promotion.
  • Trigger Quantity - This is the quantity that is required to trigger the promotion.
  • Promotion - This is the actual promotion for the affected product. The promotion can be free, a percentage discount or a dollar discount.
  • Affected Product - This is the product the buyer will receive with the promotion.
  • For Subscriptions - If the affected product is a subscription you'll be able to choose if the promotion applies to the first billing period or all billing periods.
  • Start Date - This is the date the promotion starts.
  • End Date - This is the date the promotion ends.
  • Description - This will outline the promotion that is being set up.

Upon completion of these fields click the Add Promotion (4) button.


The trigger product and affected product cannot be the same.

Promotions are automatically listed on store pages but we suggest advertising your promotion to increase sales.

Promotion usage can be found in sales reports.

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