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Support Articles » Custom Shipping Rates - Tiered Rate

How to Create Tiered Rate Shipping Rates

To Create Tiered Rate Shipping Rates click Sell (1) then choose the Shipping (2) area.

Premium Plus account holders will need to choose the store they want to manage and click the Pencil (Edit) Icon.

Choose Custom Rates from the Shipping Module (3) drop down then click Add Shipping Method (4).


You'll need to choose a Method Name (5). This is the name of the shipping method that the customer will see at checkout. It's best to use a descriptive name for your shipping methods so your customers can choose what best fits their needs. Below are some examples of descriptive method names:

  • Standard (5-7 Days)
  • Expedited (2-3 Days)
  • Next Day Air
  • International Standard
  • International Expedited

From the Service For (6) drop down choose whether the rate is for All Customers, Domestic Customers or International Customers. This setting allows you to specify the customers that this shipping method services. Domestic customers are buyers whose residency is the same as the country specified in your store's profile. International customers are buyers who reside in another country.

From the Charge Method (7) drop down set to either Tiered by Order Weight or Tiered by Order Subtotal. This setting allows you to specify the method that is used to calculate the shipping costs for an order. All charge methods can be overridden on the inventory level by specifing a custom flat rate for each of your tangible inventory items.

The tiers will need to include both a limit and an amount for that limit. Tier rules are built upon the previous rules. Here are some sample tiers.

Tiered by Weight

  • Rule #1 - From zero ounces to 100 ounces is $1
  • Rule #2 - From 100 ounces to 200 ounces is $2
  • Rule #3 - From 200 ounces to 999,999.99 ounces is $3

Tiered by Subtotal

  • Rule #1 - From a $0 dollar subtotal to a $100 a dollar subtotal is $1
  • Rule #2 - From a $100 dollar subtotal to a $200 subtotal is $2
  • Rule #3 - From a $200 dollar subtotal to a $999,999.99 subtotal is $3

Upon completion click Save Shipping Method (8).

Note - When choosing Supported Countries know that your selections affect all item types (digital, tangible, service, gift card). This means that if you are selling digital products in Antarctica buyers from there will also be able to buy tangible items if you offer them. By default All Countries are selected. To pick and choose the countries you want to sell just click the "Show More Countries".


Upon saving changes you'll see your Shipping Name(s) (9).

If you want to edit your shipping rules click the Pencil (Edit) Icon. To delete click the X (Delete) Icon.


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