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Support Articles » Downloading to Apple Mobile Devices

How to Download to iPad, iPhone or iPod

While Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) are extremely popular they are fairly restrictive with there ability to play nicely with content purchased from Non-Apple sources. The main reason for this is because Apple Mobile Devices do not have a drive letters (ie... c:) like you will find on all other devices. That said, the traditional download process will require an App of some sort. Here are some handy Apps that we have found to play nicely with Content Shelf.

  • Dropbox® - A great app that runs on any device and damn near opens any type of file out there. For more information visit

  • Apple iBooks- This app works great for downloading PDF files directly from Content Shelf. See step by step in this support tutorial.

  • Files App - Files App is a great little App with an excellent interface that offers a place for all of your files. For more information visit

  • Traditional Transfers - This is done by downloading audio/video files, then adding to iTunes, which can then be synced with your iPad, iPhone, and iPod.

Visit Apple's Support Community here for more information.

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