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How to Integrate FedEx Shipping

Before you get started you'll need to register for a FedEx Account and register for FedEx Web Services Production Access. Here are some helpful links and the Customer Service phone number should you need support navigating their website or gathering the needed information outlined below.

To Integrate FedEx click Sell (1) then choose the Shipping (2) area.

Premium Plus account holders will need to choose the store they want to manage and click the Pencil (Edit) Icon.

Choose FedEx from the Shipping Module (3) drop down.

The following fields will need to be populated within information from your FedEx Dashboard as outlined below.

  • FedEx access Key
  • FedEx Password
  • FedEx Account Number
  • FedEx Meter Number

Handling fees are optional and are added to the shipping amount automatically.

Make sure to only choose the Shipping Methods you offer as they will appear on the checkout page as choices.

When choosing Supported Countries know that your selections affect all item types (digital, tangible, service, gift card). This means that if you are selling digital products in Antarctica buyers from there will also be able to buy tangible items if you offer them. By default All Countries are selected. To pick and choose the countries you want to sell just click the "Show More Countries".

Upon completion click Save Changes (4).

Remember that Shipping Measurements will be needed.


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