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Support Articles » Getting Started #3 - Creating Your First Store

How to Create a Store

All information for the store profile, except the email address, can be viewed by buyers. Specifically, buyers will see this information on your contact page and printed invoices. The contact page is accessible from a Contact Vendor link at the bottom of your store. All email is sent through a contact form to avoid potential spam. Contact form data will be sent to the email address provided in this store profile.

To Create a Store click Sell (1) and the store creation screen will appear. Fields that are bold are required and all information can be edited after the store has been created.

Field explanations.

Subdomain - This field will be your stores website address (URL). Try to use a name that will compliment your primary website or business name. Note that spacing between words is not permitted.

Store Name - This field is the primary identifier for each store and represented throughout Content Shelf.

Company Name - This field is for your company name.

Address - We require all sellers to provide at minimum a Post Office Box address. This provides confidence to buyers that you are a real business and should any issues arise with the products you are selling they have at minimum the ability to communicate with you in writing to a mailing address.

Contact Email - This field will be used for order notifications and contact from buyers.

Terms of Service URL - With a terms of service link a check box will appear on the checkout page that will link to this page. Buyers will be required to check the box before checking out.

Website URL - This field will allow buyers to link back to the page link you provide.

Phone - This field is for your business phone number.

SEO Description - This text box is used for a description of your cart. We advise using a description that contains keywords.

Upon completion click Create Store (2) at the bottom of the page. Once your Store is created you'll be transported to the Store Settings area.

To learn about individual Store Settings please visit the "Store Management" area located on the main Support Articles page.


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