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Support Articles » How Backorders and Preorders Work

How Backorders and Preorders Work

To Change an Inventory Item from Backorder/Preorder to Available click on Sell (1) then click on the Inventory (2) tab then find the inventory item you want to manage and click the Pencil (Edit) Icon.


Upon the page refresh scroll to Step 2 - Pricing and Tracking.

Use the Available (3) drop down menu and change from Backorder or Preorder to Available. Changing an item from Preorder or Backordered to available will automatically remove the Backordered or Backordered text from the line-items for all of the pending orders and reset the license expiration dates.

Notice the Pending Orders (4) field. These are the orders that have been made while this item has been marked as Backordered or Preordered. The product lists in each of these orders have this product marked accordingly. By clicking the View button you'll be transported to a viewable and downloadable report page for access to the buyer data.

If you would like to update the buyer about availability there are two ways to do so.

Option 1 - Download the Pending Orders Report by clicking on the View button above.

Option 2 - Use Content Shelf to send the email.

The Content Shelf Email Notification System is a low cost alternative to sending manual emails and with the help of our outbound email processor the deliverability rate is 99.8% to all email providers.

To use Content Shelf to send the update email choose Yes from the Email Update (5) drop down menu. If you have not purchased Update Email Credits you'll need to do so. To learn how to purchase Update Email Credits see Purchasing Update Email Credits. To preview the email that will be sent out click the Preview Email (6) link. You can also add your own message in the Update Message (7) area.

When completed scoll to the bottom of the page and click the Save Changes button. If using Content Shelf to send the email it will be sent when the changes are saved.


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