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How To Add Subscribers

There are three ways to Add Subscribers.

Option 1 - They purchase through your store.

Option 2 - Import Script (This is done manually by Content Shelf. Contact Support for a quote)

Option 3 - Manual Insertion ~ Outlined below.

To Add Subscribers click on Sell (1) then click on the Subscriptions (2) tab then find the Subscription you want to manage and click the Pencil (Edit) Icon.


When the page refreshes click the Vertical Arrow (3) for the Subscribers area and then click the Add Subscriber (4) button.


Upon entering the Subscribers area you'll find the following fields.

Email Address - This is the email address of the subscriber.

First Name - This is the first name of the subscriber.

Last Name - This is the last name of the subscriber.

Address - This is the address of the subscriber.

Address 2 - This is the second address of the subscriber (if applicable).

City - This is the city of the subscriber.

State/Province - This is the state or province of the subscriber.

Country - This is the country of the subscriber.

Postal Code - This is the postal code of the subscriber.

Base Charge Cost - This is the charge amount for each billing cycle.

Next Charge Cost - This is the first charge but will revert to the Base Cost when next charge is made.

Next Charge Date - This is the date that the subscriber will be charged.

Billing Cycle - This is the frequency of the charge. This can be different than the Billing Cycle that was set up for the package.

Renewal Type - This will be based on Package Profile.

Upon completion of these fields click the Save (5) button and the Manual Subscriber Welcome Email will be sent.


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