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Support Articles » HTML Integration - Basic Store Widget

Integration with HTML

To add Store Widgets to a web site, you'll need a basic understanding of HTML and an HTML Editor. Choices for an HTML Editor include:

  • File Manager/Page Editor included with most popular web hosting accounts.
  • Popular 3rd Party Software (Edit Plus, Text Pad, Adobe Dreamweaver)

First you'll need to open the Page that you want to add the Store Widget to. Upon finding the location in the page where you want the button to reside, copy the button code from the Content Shelf Button Wizard and paste it to the web site page. Your HTML page will look similar to this.


Most HTML Editors have a feature that enables you to preview the page prior to saving it to a live environment. You'll want to do this to make sure the button is in the correct place.

Once you have previewed and approved the page, just publish it, at which point you'll see the Store Widget button live on your site like here. Note - The code above is the output you see below.

For questions on HTML Integration contact our Content Guru Tech Support Team at 865-686-5713 or through a Support Ticket Request.


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