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Support Articles » Managing Coupons

How to Manage Coupons

To manage a Coupon click on Coupons (1) then find the Coupon you want to manage and click the Pencil (Edit) Icon.

If you want to delete the Coupon click on the X (Delete) Icon.


If editing, the page will refresh and all fields are editable except for the number of times the coupon has been used.

  • Coupon Code - This is the name that you apply to the coupon. Remember to make the coupon easy so that buyers can remember it.
  • Apply To Store - If you have multiple stores you'll need to choose the store to apply the coupon to.
  • Discount - This is the discount provided when the coupon is used. It can be in dollars or a percentage.
  • Minimum Order Subtotal - This is the minimum the order subtotal that must be reached prior to coupon being applied.
  • Uses Allowed - This is the number of uses allowed. If you want unlimited use leave this field at 0.
  • Start Date - This is the date the coupon starts.
  • End Date - This is the date the coupon ends.
  • Publicize Coupon - Publicizing your coupon will provide a discount amount and promotion text on the confirmation page of all orders. A buyer can then return to your store to buy additional products/services and receive a discount. If you do not publicize your coupon the coupon will only be known to the buyers you provide it to.
  • Apply Discount To - This allows you to apply the discount to an Entire Order, Digital Products, Tangible Products, Service Products, Subscription Products and Specified Products. If applying to Subscription Products you'll be asked to choose if the coupon is applied to the first month of the subscription or for all billing periods. If applying to Specified Products the specified product can be part of a larger order that includes non-specified products.

Upon completion of editing the desired fields click the Edit Coupon (2) button.


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