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Support Articles » MP3 Import to Itunes

How to Import an MP3 to Itunes (PC Version)

To import an mp3 to Itunes make sure you have downloaded the file from Content Shelf to the Downloads Directory (1). You'll see the MP3 File (2) within the open area of the window.

You'll next want to drag the MP3 file to the Music Directory (3). If you manage your Music Directory with sub-directories you'll want to use the method that works best for you.

Open Itunes and click the File Menu (4) and select Add File To Library (5). This will open a dialogue box that shows all of your music files. Choose your new MP3 File by clicking "Open". Your MP3 File is now saved and ready for use within Itunes.

To find your MP3 File use the Search Library (6) and it will appear in the Content Area (7) below.


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