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Support Articles » PayPal Standard Payment Processing

How to Integrate PayPal Standard Payment Processing

This payment processing app allows buyers to pay you directly and permits one time payments only. This app is considered hand-off processing because the buyer will be transferred to the vendors website to make the actual payment. After the payment is made the buyer will be transferred back to Content Shelf for confirmation.

You'll need an account with PayPal.

To Integrate the PayPal Standard Payment Processing App click Sell (1) then choose the Payment Processing Apps (2) area.

Premium Plus account holders will need to choose the store they want to manage and click the Pencil (Edit) Icon.

Under the PayPal Checkout drop down choose PayPal Standard(3).

The following field will need to be populated.

  • PayPal Email - This is the email address that was used to sign up with PayPal and represents your account.

There is no other information needed.

Upon completion of your adjustments click the Save Changes (4) button at the bottom of this area.


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