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Support Articles » Purchasing Gift Card Credits

How to Purchase Gift Card Credits

Selling Gift Cards delivers increased revenues, margins, and potential for future sales. Gift Card credits are valid for one year from the date of purchase, can be used for any product available in your store, and of course, the value of your Gift Cards is decided by you.

In order to sell Gift Cards, you'll need to purchase Gift Card Credits. Each Gift Card Credit represents a single Gift Card that can be sold from your store. Once purchased, Gift Card Credits are valid as long as you have your account with us or until they are sold (activated), at which point they are valid for one year. As Gift Cards are sold we'll deduct that Gift Card Credit from the balance of credits on your account. Once your credit balance falls to zero, you'll need to buy additional Gift Card Credits if you are going to continue to offer Gift Cards.

Gift Cards can be offered in any denomination you desire and can be used to purchase any items in your store.

When a buyer purchases a Gift Card they can choose to use the Gift Card for themselves or send it to the recipient of their choice through their dashboard.

To purchase Gift Card Credits click Profile (1) then click the Upgrades & Add-Ons (2) tab then click Add To Cart (3). Just follow the prompts to checkout to complete your purchase.


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