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An Overview of Shipping

This tutorial is a general in nature. For details on the available shipping options and how they work click the desired option below.

To get to the Shipping Management area click Sell (1) then choose the Shipping (2) area.

Premium Plus account holders will need to choose the store they want to manage and click the Pencil (Edit) Icon.

Fields include.

Shipping Module (3) - There are three ways to set up shipping options.

Click the link of the deisred shipping option for details.

Shipping Methods (4) - If using custom rates you'll use the Add Shipping Method (5) button.

Supported Countries (6) - Here you can select which countries your store ships and bills to. This setting affects both digital and tangible orders.

Upon setting up shipping methods click Save Changes (7).


Note - PayPal Express Checkout doesn't give us the shipping info until the user is ready to finalize their purchase, so the "Supported Countries" setting will NOT affect PayPal Express Checkout orders. Unfortunately, there is no way around this due to the way PayPal Express Checkout works. If you are planning on selling to a limited number of countries, you may want to switch to another payment provider or add a notice to your web site or store.

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