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How to Manage Shipping and Tracking

To manage Shipping and Tracking Information click on Reports (1) then click on Sales Management (2).

Searching can be general or granular. Just choose the criteria that fits your needs and click the Submit Button (3).


Upon submission, search results for your search criteria will appear. Just click the Pencil (Edit) Icon for the desired order.

The status must be Pending Shipment (4).


The page will refresh with the order details. Change the Order Status (5) drop down menu from Pending Shipment to Completed and the page will immediately refresh with the Shipping Information (6) area.

The Shipping Information fields (Shipping Vendor, Tracking Number, and Tracking URL) will be posted to order invoice and available to the buyer through the order history screen.

Sending a notification to the buyer can be done manually or through Content Shelf. If you choose to send the email yourself change the Update Email drop down box from Yes, Email Shipping Info to No, Don't Email Shipping Info.

If you choose to use Content Shelf you'll need to purchase Update Email Credits.

If you would like to preview the email notification that is sent by Content Shelf click the Preview Email link at the top of the Shipping Information area and a new window will open with the content of the email.

Upon completion of the Shipping Information area click Save Changes (7). If you chose to send the email using Content Shelf the email will be sent too.


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